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Tharavadu - Overview [ English ]

As grandfather lies in his cosy armchair, his face worn out by the wisdom of having witnessed a thousand full moons, he reminisces of the “good old days” when three or sometimes four generations lived under one roof…when grandparents filled their grandchildren’s little minds with glorious stories of the past…of the “Tharavadu”, a place where one was never lonely and joys and sorrows were shared alike.

Earlier, the joint family system ensured that the elderly were well taken care of but now, with sons and daughters seeking greener pastures abroad, their search for material wealth leaves their parents feeling dejected. And while financial support is abundant in several cases, it is the most necessary ‘touch’, a sense of being loved that is lacking today.

The elderly live in constant fear; the knowledge that their life span is nearing its end, the thought of fast approaching death, loneliness, physical difficulty, all leading on to a mental breakdown, a premature aging of sorts. It is this sense of emotional destitution that Sobha Memorial Trust seeks to reach out and change with their version of “Tharavadu”.

While the idea of an ‘old-age home’ may not be well accepted, the notion is not one entirely novel to Indian tradition. The stage of “Vanaprastham” is that stage of life when a person has finished all his duties towards his family and is ready to lead a life free from the constraints and artificial impositions of society. It implies a deliberate choice of renunciation rather than a forced exile, and it is this freedom of choice that we believe every human being is entitled to in the autumn of their lives.

With “Tharavadu”, it is the concept of a retreat for the elderly that we intend to introduce. A place where the elderly can spend their days amidst a crowd of like- minded people, emphasizing that people need not share ties of blood to show kinship to one another. Set in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful countryside, this facility comes with all amenities to make your life easier and more comfortable. The spacious chalets built with all the environmental friendly construction materials, long winding walkways, ample facilities for reading, praying, holding debates and pursuing other hobbies and above all an abundance of fresh air, healthy food and clean water, this retreat reinvents itself as a kind of modern day “Vanaprastham”, replacing the severities of renunciation with the freedom to live as one wishes. There will also be helpful attendants, friendly doctors and caring nurses available at all times to take care of the residents.

“Tharavadu” offers you convenience, comfort and dedicated service, all under one roof, so that you live life with abundant happiness, freedom and love and above all, enjoy your ‘Golden Years’.

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